Watch Leonardo DiCaprio’s Russian doppelganger's brand new vodka advert


You do, of course, remember Leondardo DiCaprio's Russian doppelganger. After shooting to sort-of fame in January, 33-year-old Roman Burtsev has milked the resemblance, getting involved in the Oscars season and keeping his Instagram up to date with his Leo-inspired antics. Like this: 

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Now Roman is starring in an advert for Pyat Ozer (Five Lakes) vodka, where he plays a man who inexplicably tapes a picture of Leonardo DiCaprio to his rear view mirror (at least put it on the dashboard, for safety reasons).

The advert is pretty clever, as it's all about things that "can't be faked", but it's also confusing as hell, because why does fake Leo ride away on a row boat? We may never know.