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Wash your hands with money

And smell like a Republican

Wash your hands with money

We didn't think it could be done but today we may have found the only scent to rival Sex Panther.

Behold, the new cash soap from the Man Hands range. While there's no description as to what the actual fragrance consists of, we can only assume it's the scent of a rather expensive yacht, which contains many leather-bound books.

The brain behind the product is a chap named Adam Anderson, who decided to create his own soap in his kitchen as he thought too many were girly smelling. He mixed together cocoa, palm oil, and glycerin with secret ingredients to replicate the 'manly' aromas, avoiding scents such as lavender, vanilla and citrus.

But if the smell of cash doesn't take your fancy you could pick another from the range that includes Republican, bacon, a cedar log cabin, bonfire and a baseball glove, all of which cost a mere £4.40 ($6.95) per soap.

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