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Vin Diesel and Steve Aoki have made a song together

Of course, of course they have

Vin Diesel and Steve Aoki have made a song together
02 May 2017

So, if I told you that Steve Aoki had a new song just around the corner, and that he’d been in the studio with a big star, who would you guess was on the track?


Ariana Grande?


Tinie Tempah?


Well, none of them. None of those vocalists. Of course, instead he’s been in the studio with this man:

Yep, the one Vin Diesel on mic, it turns out. According to Steve Aoki: “What Vin brought to the table, I’ve never experienced before. I think it’s going to blow people’s minds.”

And Vin said that when he played it to his girlfriend for the first time, it brought him to tears (him, not her). As such, he’s confident in the track’s success when it’s finally released, adding: “I’m gonna get a Grammy before I get an Oscar!”

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Vin has got himself involved in the neon world of EDM. There was, erm, this:

And if they need any dancers for the video, they need look no further than Deese himself:

Either way, I’m in. During live performances Steve could even chuck in a couple of these:

This truly is a collaboration for the ages. So, before I bid you farewell, here’s some exclusive footage of him in the studio laying down some vocals: