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VIDEO: German Team Scores Ghost Goal

VIDEO: German Team Scores Ghost Goal

VIDEO: German Team Scores Ghost Goal

We've all heard the debate on goal-line technology and whether or not the ball has crossed the line, but the authorities might have to start looking at widening its remit after this bizarre 'goal' was 'scored' on Friday in the German Bundesliga.

Bayer Leverkusen triumphed 2-1 against Hoffenheim, but their second goal came courtesy of a header, which went the wrong side of the post, but went through the side-netting, into the goal.

Players and pundits initially thought it was a good goal, but replays clearly showed otherwise. The scorer, Stefan Kiessling, commented "I didn't really see it, I turned away but I was surprised to see the ball in. I didn't know how it got in."

FIFA and Bundesliga authorities are currently deciding what action to take - they may choose to replay the game, or let the result stand.

Rudi Völler, Leverkusen's sporting director, added: "We're so embarrassed that the goal was given, but we can't be held responsible. Hoffenheim have spent such a lot of money on a nice stadium. Maybe next time they should buy some proper nets."

He's got a point.

(Image: YouTube)

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