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Video game travel guide

Video game travel guide

Video game travel guide

Bored of Ibiza? Tired of Thailand? Why not pick your next holiday destination from the world of video games.

We've put together a travel guide to ten of gaming's ultimate holiday spots, with recommendations on things to do, what to look out for and essential travel items.

Think we've missed the perfect location? Let us know in the comments below.

Vermilion City

Situated on a picturesque sea inlet to the south of Kanto, Vermilion City is the best kept secret of the yachting tour.

Things to do

The Riviera of Kanto, Vermilion City offers a host of water sport activities: Magikarp fishing tours and Lapras rides are a highlight of the summer months. Locals are renowned for their friendliness, eager to share their knowledge of local fishing spots.

Many tourists are drawn by city's world famous gym, run by the irrepressible Lt. Surge. Despite facing numerous animal cruelty allegations, the gym remains a centre of culture in the region - a family ticket discount is available during school holidays.

The S.S. Anne cruise ship docks at Vermilion City once a year on its annual world tour. Be sure to order your S.S. Anne ticket in advance, as spaces are quite literally fought over.

Must see sights

For those who prefer to keep their feet dry, Diglett's Cave is a short walk (and an even shorter bike ride) to the east; a must for any fans of the eponymous mole-like creatures. Route 11 is situated to the north of the city, offering miles of knee-high grass filled with more local wildlife.

ShortList recommends you travel with...

A keen interest in wildlife


A bike

A fishing rod

Green Hill Zone

If your idea of a holiday is tasting the sweat of your brow and waking up with legs full of the 'good burn', then you should consider visiting the rolling slopes of the Green Hill Zone.

Things to see

Part of the Green Hill Zone's international fame is owed to the region's chequered brown soil, a unique geological quirk that still defies the explanation of geologists.

The region is a veritable feast of fauna and flora, with a beautiful background of rugged hills offset by miles of calm lakes.

Countless palm tress act as home to a host of small fluffy wildlife, though recent reports indicate a drop in animal sightings. Some have suggested a link to the opening of Doctor Ivor 'Eggman' Robotnik's robotics laboratory. Unconfirmed sightings of Badniks shouldn't put off prospective holidayers.

How to travel

Quickly, though runners should beware of the region's various pitfalls, spikes and sudden drops.

ShortList recommends you travel with...

An energetic outlook

Golden rings

Fort Frolic

Renowned for its galleries, bars and other-worldly performances, Rapture's Fort Frolic is a must for culture vultures.

Things to do

Whether you've a passion for theatre, music or debauchery, the delights of Fort Frolic are certain to contain something to suit your tastes. Overseen by Sander Cohen, one of the most promising artistic directors of his generation, you'll long to stay below the waters after a visit to Fort Frolic.

If fashion is your thing then be sure to head to the region's ever opulent Sophia Salon and Gardner Delux Modern, two dens of high fashion you'll not encounter on the high street.

Gentlemen with an eye for adventure should head to Poseidon Plaza's most notorious playground, Eve's Garden. Unwind in the company of Jasmine Jolene and her delightful companions.


The Rapture tourist board has been somewhat quiet of late, owing to damage to the city's communication network as a result of Atlantic storms. Various sights mentioned above might thus be closed for maintenance or ceased operating.

This destination is not appropriate for under 18s: be sure to make separate arrangements for your children.

ShortList recommends you travel with...


Nerves of steel


Water Temple

Steeped in history, the ancient temple of Lake Hylia is an unforgettable destination for avid divers and snorkellers.

Things to do

Constructed beneath the largest body of water in all Hyrule, the Water Temple is said to have been built by a people known as the 'Zora', in worship of their aquatic deities.

With many of the temple's vast and beautiful chambers connected by flooded passages, avid explorers will need to be well equipped should they want to uncover all of the site's mysteries.

Travellers should note that the water temple does not make for a relaxing stay, and will only be enjoyed by the most energetic of holiday makers. Should you not be a confident swimmer, why not consider a stay at Hyrule's Lon Lon Ranch.

ShortList recommends you travel with...

Buckets of patience

Zora Tunic

Iron Boots



The sleepy mining town of Ravenholm is an ideal break for those looking for a quiet, simple life.

Things to see

The industrial architecture of Ravenholm harkens back to the town's former glory years, when a population of over 500 miners and their families lived and worked in the region. The town now makes its living serving the tourists who flock to the area to visit its mining museums, craft shops and cafés.

An old cable car is a must for budding photographers, offering views of the entire town. On a clear day, you can even see as far as the nearby city of Birkutgrad.

The town's turn of the century church is also a must, overseen by hospitable Father Grigori.

ShortList recommends you travel with...

A sense of adventure


Gravity Gun

Saw blades

Rainbow Road

Miles of adventures await you on the Rainbow Road.

Things to see

Known for its breathtaking views and flagrant disregard for highway safety features, the Rainbow Road has appeared as a location in many of popular culture's greatest road trips.

Situated above the Mushroom Kingdom, the route is also a favourite of astronomers looking to catch a glimpse of the region's fabled giant smiley solar bodies.

Things to do

Travellers should note that the Rainbow Road is host to the annual Mario Kart GP, at which point the road is closed to motorists. A family friendly event, armature drivers can enter the GP, but must provide their own kart.

Any travellers with a fear of heights or long falls into empty space should think twice before making the journey.

ShortList recommends you travel with...

A 150cc go-kart

Koopa shells

Banana skins

Tenpenny Tower

This luxury hotel has received nothing but praise from high-fliers and foreign dignitaries.

Things to do

Recently relaunched by the entrepreneur Allistair Tenpenny, Tenpenny Tower is a beacon of hope in an otherwise broken world.

Among the tower's luxurious rooms are a number of exclusive locations and amusements: a weary traveller can replenish their wardrobe and supplies at Boutique Le Chicm while those looking to satisfying their sweet tooth should head to Margaret Primrose's Café Beau Monde. For the ultimate in relaxation treatments, head to Doctor Banfield's Wellness Centre.

ShortList recommends you travel with...

Ready cash for potential bribing (travellers cheques will not be accepted)

A strong resilience against radiation poisoning

Castle Wolfenstein

You'll never forget a trip to this ancient stronghold.

Things to see

Once the location of Heinrich Himmler's SS Paranormal Division, the halls of Castle Wolfenstein are alive with history. Echoing its Saxon heritage, the vast stone structure is an architectural marvel, and the location of many enthusiastic battle reenactments.

For those brave enough, a journey into the castle's ancient catacombs and crypts is a must - the tombs of Saxon knights and ancient kings await those who make the trip.

Despite its darker uses during WWII, visitors should not be put off by rumours of hauntings. There have never been any confirmed sightings of zombie hoards or undead robots in Castle Wolfenstein's recent history.

ShortList recommends you travel with...

Extra blankets

A flame-thrower (just in case)

Journey's Desert

Sun, sand and sand, you'll really lose yourself in this breathtaking landscape.

Things to see

Countless ruins are to be found in the shifting sands of Journey, though little is known about the ancient civilisation who built them. Symbols from their lost language continue to confound researchers and archaeologists.

The region's vast snow-capped mountain offers a stern challenge to would-be adventurers; only the most experienced of climbers should try to make for the summit. Many unprepared travellers have gone missing attempting the route.

ShortList recommends you travel with...

Flowing robes

A scarf

A healthy respect of silence

A positive attitude toward sand

Toluca Lake

This gorgeous body of water makes for the ideal wilderness getaway, though civil living can be sought in the quiet towns of Silent Hill and Shepherd's Glen.

Things to do

Located in the heart of a natural reserve, Toluca Lake is surrounded by stunning forests and rolling hills. The area is steeped in history, once claimed as a holy land by the region's native tribes. Perhaps you'll discover the Little Baroness, a steam boat that went missing on the lake in 1918.

A luxurious stay can be had at the Lakeview Hotel, offering guests fine dining at the Lake Shore restaurant and Toluca café. Recently restored after a devastating fire, you won't forget your stay at Lakeview.

If you're bringing the kids along, be sure to make a trip to the Lakeside Amusement Park. Thrill seekers will love the Borley Haunted Mansion and Mountain Coaster, and there's the Happy Carousel for younger visitors. Children under eight must be accompanied by an adult.

Toluca Lake is also a popular destination for avid UFO hunters. Anyone hoping to catch a glimpse of intergalactic craft should be warned that the area's rolling fog often blocks views of the night's sky.

ShortList recommends you travel with...

A flash light

An inquisitive disposition

A preference for multiple endings