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Unusual stone sunglasses

Unusual stone sunglasses

Unusual stone sunglasses
14 August 2014

Fibreglass. Carbon fibre. Stainless steel. Each a perfectly respectable material for making sunglasses out of, and all of them ignored by Shwood for their new self explanatory range of eyewear: Acetate & Stone.

Priding itself on its practice of merging precision technology with classic craftsmanship and natural materials, the Oregon-based Shwood are no strangers to odd glasses - the bulk of their frames are carved from local wood. Seemingly bored of splinters and flora, the Fifty/Fifty Acetate & Stone range incorporates a rugged hunk of white slate into the arms of its models for a unique, textured look.

The polished black acetate and the natural cracks of the white rock create an interesting contrast, complimented by polished polarised lenses.

Available in four of Shwood's styles (from Wayfarer to a contemporary take on rounded frames), each model is available for around £11 7 plus postage. Finally, some glasses that might actually survive being sat on.

(Images: Shwood)

[Via: Hypebeast]