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Unlikely style icons from James Bond movies

007 and villains aside, the James Bond franchise has some stylish minor characters

Unlikely style icons from James Bond movies

We've seen Roger Moore's swimshorts 1000 times and we're all bored of seeing villain's in their weird, psychotic outfits. The true style heroes of the 007 movies? The minor characters that are usually outshone by James Bond's cutting one liners. Who do you think you are, Bond? Give the supporting actors their rightful screen time!

Here's a homage to the stylish characters from the secret agent franchise you might've missed:

Boris Grishenko, GoldenEye

His shirt might not have showed up that well in the N64 video game, but in the movie it was the retro print hipsters today could only dream of owning.

Kincade, Skyfall

"Try and stop me, you jumped-up little shit." Possibly the best line in any James Bond movie, definitely the best beard and flat cap. Albert Finney would have made a good Bond himself back in the day.

Nick Nack, The Man With The Golden Gun

Sure he's a henchman, but he's not really a villain. No evil man ever got locked in a suitcase; he's way too LOL to be a bad guy. We salute you Nick Nack and your extremely sharp servant's suiting and bowler hat.

Felix Leiter, Quantum Of Solace

Felix is angry because Bond gets all the women while he stays late in the office filing both their expense claims. It's OK, Felix, at least you've got your summer tailoring nailed.

Kerim Bey, From Russia With Love

MI6 agent or Walt Disney? Who knows, but the short lived agent obviously inspired Mad Men with his charcoal grey three button suit.

Rene Mathis, Quantum Of Solace

Who knew the cardigan-tied-around-the-shoulders look could be executed by someone who wasn't an upper class, chino wearing, father's credit card wielding, awful human being?

Felix Leiter, Thunderball

A different incarnation of the Bond sidekick played by Rik Van Nutter (best name ever), this time popping up in the lesser known Thunderball wearing a striking pale blue seersucker suit. 

Q, Skyfall

He may not make explosive pens anymore, but he managed to make cardigans cool again, which is a bigger accomplishment than creating a dangerously idiotic writing instrument.

Vijay Amritraj, Octopussy

The actor who plays neckerchief wearing Vijay is a professional tennis player who goes by the same name, who attacks a henchmen with a tennis racket and who actually plays in the villain's club in real life. Mind-blown.