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UKIP are trying to steal the Premier League's logo

They have to get back into the news somehow

UKIP are trying to steal the Premier League's logo
29 September 2017

It is safe to say that the June General Election did not go well for UKIP.

Led by the intensely dislikeable Paul Nuttall and abandoned by Nigel Farage in the wake of the EU Referendum, they suffered enormously from the fact their entire purpose seemed to have been lost - ultimately, they had achieved what they set out to do when they were formed in 1993.

With the Tories lurching to the right and adopting many of their policies, including a desire for a hard Brexit, UKIP votes went either to them, or, for those who wanted a rather softer Brexit and bought into Jeremy Corbyn’s populist manifesto, to Labour.

Their vote percentage crashed from 12.6% to just 1.8% , while their only MP, Douglas Carswell, quit the party months before the June election. With Nuttall resigning in the wake of their electoral disaster, they don’t even currently have a permanent leader, with Steve Crowther the current acting head of the party (edit: they’ve finally just got around to electing Henry Bolton as leader).

So you could be forgiven for not even realising that their party conference is currently happening right now in Torquay.

However, you’re missing out, because it sounds like a blast:

One of the main items on the agenda, though, is a new logo, presumably to try and kick off a ‘new start’ for the beleagured party. But which should it be? Two options were presented to delegates.

Hmmm. Something feels familiar. What is it.

The lion. It’s the lion. We’ve seen that lion somewhere before. Where was it? Oh yes.

Gary Lineker was quick to spot the similarities:

While others offered up their own alternative designs for a logo befitting the party:

Some preferred to mull over the contradictions of choosing a lion as part of their logo:

While others just made a solid 7/10 gag.

However, one eagle-eyed viewer spotted that perhaps it wasn’t the Premier League that should be getting their lawyers on the phone, but the team from the New Meadow:

Third division seems about right for UKIP, doesn’t it?

(Image: Rex)