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The UK’s first CBD-infused gin is here to spice up your G&T

You really can get CBD in anything now

The UK’s first CBD-infused gin is here to spice up your G&T
Holly Pyne
16 September 2019

Getting bored of your standard gin & tonic? Then you’ll be happy to know that the CBD trend has made its way to gin.

It seems none of our drinks are safe, with rum and beer (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic), previously getting a CBD makeover. Now, Muhu is set to be the UK’s first CBD-infused gin. Flavour wise, the gin has flavours of hibiscus to give it sweetness. CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, is a legal compound found, in this case, in Canadian cannabis plants and is said colourless and flavourless when added to the gin. Instead, it is meant to reduce stress and help the drinker relax. Sally Wynter, the brand’s founder, has launched Muhu with a budget of only £1,300 and says the bottle will fill a gap on the gin shelves. “I looked at the spirits market and despite gin acting as a catalyst for experimentation with flavours and colour, we haven’t seen anything truly innovative. Muhu is looking to branch away from the traditional, provenance driven brands,” Wynter said. “CBD is something I’ve been adding to my cocktails for the past year. It makes me feel more relaxed mentally, but also in my body and muscles. I even use CBD capsules the next morning to take the edge off the hangover.” Apparently the gin is named after a beach shack in Thailand, after Wynter was inspired by her travels in Asia. The gin itself is produced in the more modest setting of the Midlands. The bottle design has a meaning, too - with the purple and green waves meant to represent hibiscus and the CBD respectively. Muhu is set to go on sale next month for £34.99 for a 50cl bottle.