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American rapper records brutal diss track... about himself

He's gone in hard

American rapper records brutal diss track... about himself

We once read that, if you want to be a popstar, you have to prepare yourself for the fact that you’ll never be more than 10 feet away from someone who’ll call you a c**t.

In other words, if you’re putting your thoughts, fears and deepest emotions out there, you need to have a seriously thick skin, because there’ll always be plenty of people who’ll slag off everything you hold dear.

But what happens if you get in with the criticism first?

Well, that’s what Indiana-born rapper Ugly God has done by taking self-deprecation to a whole new level and recording a diss track – about himself.

The song is named ‘Fuck Ugly God’ and contains these lyrical highlights:

“Fuck Ugly God” (repeated)

“Ugly God a hoe / Flexing like you got it bitch I know yo ass is broke”

"You a one hit wonder, bitch, your whole career a joke"

“You act like a freak but you ain’t never sucked no toes”

“You ain’t got no hoes every day you beat your meat”

"When I catch you slipping, I'm gon' punch you in your teeth / Ugly God a bitch, pussy boy don't want no beef."

Here, listen to it. Treat yourself.

We’re not sure when toe-sucking became evidence of being a freak but then David Mellor was a bit weird, so perhaps that’s justified.

Ugly God was born Royce Rodriguez before taking the moniker Pussy Bacon. Hilariously, he was forced to ‘retire’ this name when his parents found out about it.

His break-out track was his debut song ‘Water’, which features an excellently low-budget attempt at an ‘on a boat’ hip hop video.

His mixtape ‘The Booty Tape’ is due to ‘drop’ sometime this year. I’ll be honest, neither of these songs are very good are they, so I probably won’t be checking it out, but hey Ugly God, if you make a banger please feel free to drop me a line. Or just make a diss track about me, given the criticism in the previous sentence, I’m easy with either.