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You could soon be watching TV and movies on the new (and more expensive) ‘Netflix Ultra’

Are you willing to pay more?

You could soon be watching TV and movies on the new (and more expensive) ‘Netflix Ultra’
06 July 2018

Considering how much content you get – from brand new originals like House of Cards and classic films and TV shows – the Netflix subscription is actually a pretty good deal.

But bosses at the streaming are now investigating ways to offer an even more advanced service… in return for even more of your cash.

According to Variety, Netflix is testing out a new high-end option called ‘Netflix Ultra to’ find out just how much consumers are willing to pay.

The new options will include four Ultra HD streams or content in HDR format.

Could you soon be watching BoJack on Netflix Ultra?

According to the publication: “The Ultra plans is said to cost $16.99 a month and is being tested in two versions. One offers four Ultra HD streams, while the existing $13.99 Premium plan would drop from four to two UHD streams.

“In the second offer, both Premium and Ultra customers would have access to four concurrent Ultra HD streams but only Ultra customers would have access to high dynamic range (HDR) content, which provides more vibrant colour reproduction and higher contrast.”

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This news comes as it’s reported that Netflix is set to spend around $13 billion on original programming alone in 2018.

According to The Economist, the streaming giant will be spending more on content than any Hollywood film studio or television company.

For the sake of comparison, Netflix will be releasing 82 movies this year while Warner Bros. is dropping 23 and Disney is putting out a miniscule 10.

This all goes to show how radically streaming has altered the entertainment landscape – and all signs suggest that revolution will keep on rolling. 

(Images: Getty / Netflix)