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London's Bakerloo line is being extended and here's what it'll look like

South Londoners rejoice

London's Bakerloo line is being extended and here's what it'll look like
09 February 2017

Everyone loves tube news. And today is your lucky day, as TfL have announced something major for train nerds and commuters everywhere: the proposed route for an extension to the Bakerloo Line.

It’s good news for South London, as the plan involves extending the line southwards from Elephant and Castle, where it currently terminates, down to Lewisham, calling in at two new stations along the Old Kent Road, as well as New Cross Gate, along the way.

The route was chosen as it offers the most scope for regeneration, meaning that Camberwell and Peckham Rye, which had previously been mooted for possible inclusion, will be left disappointed. It will also mean that the line links up with the Overground at New Cross Gate, and national rail and the DLR at Lewisham.

Sadly, there are still hurdles to be overcome before the extension becomes a reality. Firstly London Mayor Sadiq Khan needs to secure the cash to pay for it, and even if he does, it likely won’t be completed until 2028-29, by which time there’ll probably be another gazillion people living in London/we’ll all be underwater as global warming kicks in.

The new route will potentially mean that Elephant and Castle station is redeveloped and extended, with the iconic shopping centre there possibly needing to be bulldozed. While it is not the most attractive of buildings, it holds some historical significance, apparently being the first covered shopping mall in Europe.

Now that we’ve probably got you all overexcited, here’s some relaxing tube gifs to calm you all down a bit. You’re welcome.


(Images: TfL/Rex)