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Trump is using Facebook ads to beg people to go to his inauguration


Trump is using Facebook ads to beg people to go to his inauguration
18 January 2017

1.8 million. That’s how many people attended Barack Obama’s first inauguration in 2009.

2.9 million. That’s how many more people voted for Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump in the 2016 US Election.

44%. That’s Donald Trump’s current approval rating – the lowest of any new President in modern times.

So, suffice to say, despite his protestations of a “very, very elegant… very, very special, very beautiful” event, there is every chance that this Friday’s inauguration of President-Elect Trump runs the risk of being something of a damp squib compared to those that have gone before.

So much so that it seems he’s getting desperate, as adverts have begun appearing on Facebook, trying to push free tickets to the event on the 19th which kicks off proceedings.

Marina Cockenberg, director of digital for The Tonight Show, tweeted about an inauguration ad she saw recently, and clicked on the “Why Am I Seeing This Ad” button to find out more.

Others saw the ad too:

And before long it seemed they needed to cast the net even wider:

Oh, and he’s going for Instagram as well:

Unsurprisingly, Twitter was not slow in mocking the development:

Meanwhile, another video post on Vice President-elect Mike Pence’s Facebook page sees the President-Elect himself trying to whip up some enthusiasm:

Which went down very well, judging by the comments:

Meanwhile, our old Forest Friends had their own comment on things:

Come on guys, Chas & Dave are way too good for Trump.

(Image: Rex)