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The first trailer for the Fyre Festival documentary is here

Yep, will be watching this

The first trailer for the Fyre Festival documentary is here

Unless you were asleep for the entirety of last year, you will have heard about Fyre Festival, the ‘exclusive’ music festival spearheaded by Ja Rule that promised to be a VIP experience like no other. Tickets were going for as much as $12,000 (bargain!) and all the biggest social media influencers in the world were promoting it, so obviously loads of people bought tickets. Only, erm, when they showed up, they got this:

So OBVIOUSLY somebody has made a documentary about it - it’s a fascinating story (the founder is in jail now and everything). And guess what? Here’s the first trailer:

And here’s the first poster:

In fact, you can see every single poster right here if you want. They’re all definitely real.

Anyway, the doc hits Netflix on January 18, make sure you’ve got your cheese sandwiches ready.

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