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Top video game horror movie sequel gets behind-the-scenes preview

Will this trip to Silent Hill be just as horrifying as the original?

Top video game horror movie sequel gets behind-the-scenes preview

Konami has shown us a close look at the upcoming video game-based horror movie Return to Silent Hill.

As part of Silent Hill Transmission, where we got to see a new trailer for the upcoming remake of Silent Hill 2, Konami also broadcast a behind-the-scenes look at the next Silent Hill movie.

It features director Christopher Gans explaining some important elements of the film.

“I consider the first film was like an epic journey of horror. This one is much more like a deep dive into psychological horror,” he says.

The first Silent Hill movie came out in 2006, and was considered one of the first pretty decent video-game-to-movie adaptations. It was also directed by Gans, making his thoughts on the differences between the two films all the more important.

He also explains that, like the original, the otherworldly monsters will be played by actual actors, rather than being pure CGI creations.

"All the monsters on this film are played by a real person - gifted physical actors. They have created a level of strangeness, and harmony into the monstrosity of thiese things, which I think is actually very disturbing,” says Gans.

We're hoping for a return to form for the movie series, after 2012’s medciore Silent Hill: Revelation. Return to Silent Hill certainly seems to be keener on sticking to the feel of the early Silent Hill games.

As Gans says in the behind-the-scenes look, the original composer of the games, Akira Yamaoka, is involved too.

Return to Silent Hill stars Jeremy Irvine as James Sutherland, the protagonist of Silent Hill 2. It's based on that game, although we’ll have to see how closely it sticks to that original plot.

According to a social media post by Jeremy irvine, the film finished shooting in Fenruary 2024. But as yet we don’t have a release date for the film.

Our best steer so far is the release for the remake of the game, set to land on October 8.