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Top 5 tennis style essentials

Top 5 tennis style essentials

Top 5 tennis style essentials

With Wimbledon set to serve up some treats later on in the month (June 24th, to be precise) and Andy Murray still looking promising after an incredible 2012, any self-respecting stylish gent should be preparing his tennis wardrobe for summer.

Whether you'll be watching from 'Murray Mound' (that still sounds slightly suspicious), reclining in a deckchair listening to point-by-point commentary on the radio, chilling with glasses of Pimm's and punnets of strawberries in front of a TV or even (gasp) playing a casual game with friends, make sure you stock up on these 5 summer tennis essentials:

1. Aviators

Leave your wayfarers by the wayside (so to speak) because the aviator style is so much more tennis. While the wafer-thin aviators of the 70s are still very much in, for a successful tennis look you'll want something a bit chunkier for greater structure and impact.

Try these.

2. Polo Shirt

A decent polo shirt is essential. You could go for one in either a single block colour, like white, blue or red, or be slightly more adventurous with contrast sleeves or collars in a different shade. Fred Perry is the obvious choice here but other classic heritage brands like Original Penguin, Lacoste and Lyle & Scott are also great for stylish polos.

Try Fred Perry, or Lacoste

3. Tennis Shoes

Keep it simple with a pair of classic canvas plimsolls - Lacoste and Fred Perry do a fantastic range, though you can add a more contemporary twist with Vans or Converse. Just remember the golden rule: these are best worn sans socks in warm weather (unless you are actually playing tennis).

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4. Tailored shorts

This look falls squarely under the category of 'preppy', which is why the shorts that go with it need to be tailored. So, that means nothing 'cargo', nothing denim, and certainly nothing cut below the knee. Tailored shorts in classic pastel shades of blue, cream and beige work well - or try navy blue or blue-on-white stripes for a more nautical twist.

Try these.

5. Sweatbands

Pulling off the 'sweatband around forehead' look is difficult, and pretty much impossible – unless you are Frank Ocean at the 2013 Grammys, and even then we’re sceptical. Best to stay away from this one.