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Tommy Wiseau wants to release ‘The Room’ in 3D

Watch out for the spoons

Tommy Wiseau wants to release ‘The Room’ in 3D
Tom Victor
31 January 2018

When you think ‘3D films’, a certain genre usually comes to mind.

The format is often associated with disaster movies with extravagant set pieces, so bullets and cars feel like they’re flying towards you as you sit in the audience.

Either that or something set in outer space or an alien realm, with vivid depictions of unfamiliar landscapes.

It’s hard to see how or why 3D would be used for a film about a love triangle, a scarcely-explained drug debt and an unresolved cancer subplot, but the normal rules don’t apply to The Room.

Tommy Wiseau wrote and directed the 2003 film

Tommy Wiseau’s cult film, widely regarded as one of the best worst movies in history, found its way into the mainstream recently as the subject of James Franco’s award-winning The Disaster Artist.

It’s 99 minutes long (just over the ideal length), has a skeleton cast, and is shot in a way that makes it appear considerably older than its 2003 release date would suggest.

As you can see, it’s not the obvious candidate for 3D treatment, but Wiseau seems to have a steady stream of money (he self-financed the original for a reported $6 million) and has a penchant for unnecessary embellishments, so who are we to argue.

It won’t end with 3D, either, if he has his way. Wiseau was responding to a fan’s question about the prospect of a 4K version of The Room, and he knew in his heart that would not be enough.

We wouldn’t put it past him to entirely reshoot the film, scene for scene, in order to perfect it for 3D.

Sure, that might not be strictly necessary, but when has that ever stopped him before?

Seeing as people still regularly flock to the Prince Charles Cinema for screenings of the film, we’re not surprised to see such a positive reaction.

Some seem to be getting a bit carried away, mind you…

Who knows, if it all goes to plan we could be in for another film a decade down the line, all about the making of The Room 3D.

(Images: Rex)