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Tom Cruise says 'Top Gun 2' is 'definitely happening'

But when Tom? When?!

Tom Cruise says 'Top Gun 2' is 'definitely happening'
24 May 2017

Almost two years have passed since it was confirmed that a sequel to the 1986 classic Top Gun would be coming – and what have we seen? Nothing.

But fans who had begun to lose hope that their need for speed would not be satisfied can breathe easy again as Tom Cruise has revealed that the movie “is definitely happening”.

“It’s true. It’s true,” he told Australian morning show Sunrise, “I’m going to start filming it probably in the next year. I know. It’s happening. It is definitely happening… you’re the first people that I’ve said this to.”

The last info we got was a tweet from producer Jerry Bruckheimer with Cruise back in January 2016, which merely said that they were ‘discussing’ the film:

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In November 2015, Val Kilmer announced that he had signed up for the film to return as Iceman without even reading the script.

We still don’t know who will be in the director’s chair though; Tony Scott, director of the original Top Gun film, sadly died in August 2012, so it remains to be seen who will take the hotseat.

Skydance Productions CEO David Ellison spoke back in June 2015 about what the sequel would look like, suggesting that the new film would be concerned with the rise of drones, and the obsolescence of the fighter pilot in modern warfare.

"When you look at the world of dogfighting, what's interesting about it is that it's not a world that exists to the same degree when the original movie came out. This world has not been explored... it's drone technology, and fifth generation fighters are really what the United States Navy is calling the last man-made fighter that we're actually going to produce. It's really exploring the end of an era of dogfighting and fighter pilots and what that culture is today."

Get ready to have your breath taken away again.

(Image: Rex)