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Toblerone ice cream now exists and you probably want one

Ice cream in winter? Why not

Toblerone ice cream now exists and you probably want one
Tom Victor
19 February 2018

I know what you’re thinking. It’s February, and it’s cold out, so why should anyone care about ice cream.

Well, my friends, ice cream is for life, and if you can’t enjoy the stuff when it’s freezing then, I don’t know, you just need stronger teeth or something.

There’s only one thing better than ice cream, and that’s discovering a great new flavour of ice cream that you’ve never tried before.

And yes, that includes Toblerone choc-ices, which will be making their way to your local supermarket immediately.

Choc-ices are good, sure, but they often suffer from failing to double up on the chocolate content.

Not here, though, with chocolate on the outside, chocolate-honey ice cream in the middle, and even extra bonus bits of chocolatey Toblerone inside that.

In retrospect, an ice cream associated with triangles was always going to work in threes, and we couldn’t be happier to see the chocolate giants go all-in.

No longer will we have to rely on gelaterias’ estimations of honey and nougat for our Toblerone ice cream fix.

The product has been spotted at Tesco in among the Feasts and Fabs, and ought to be enough to get the chocolate bar’s manufacturers back in our good books.

There was uproar when the shape of Toblerone bars was altered, but it feels like now’s the time to let bygones be bygones.

(Images: Toblerone)