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Tiffany & Co’s advent calendar is literally full of diamonds and gold

Christmas really is the most wonderful(ly expensive) time of year

Tiffany & Co’s advent calendar is literally full of diamonds and gold
Holly Pyne
22 October 2019

Gone are the days where we were just happy with a £2 chocolate advent calendar. You can now get everything from make-up to booze behind those little doors, and the calendars definitely have the price tag to match.

However, Tiffany & Co has just launched a luxury advent calendar that makes them all look cheap as chips in comparison.

Behind every door of this massive 4-foot-tall calendar is a gift valued between £100 and £13,000, and with only two in the world available, it is priced at an eye-watering £104,000. (Suddenly that £50 gin advent calendar does seem so bad).

Behind each door is an iconic Tiffany Blue Box containing gifts such as diamond pendants, the new Tiffany 1837 Makers watch (worth over £3k) and jewellery from the Tiffany T collection in which rings begin at £335.

The design of the calendar was inspired by the flagship store in New York, and drawn by illustrator Pat Vale. Fun fact: Vale helped launch the new iPad Pro and Apple Pencil in 2015 and he, along with his artwork, were featured in the TV ad for the products.

Only one of the two calendars on sale is available in the UK, and it will be available to buy exclusively from Harrods from 9 November.

So if you really want it, and happen to have over £100k lying around, then be ready to fight for it.