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Thor: Love And Thunder review round-up - this is what the critics are saying

The full reviews of Marvel's latest movie are in!

Thor: Love And Thunder review round-up - this is what the critics are saying

Thor: Love And Thunder hits the big screen this week and a lucky few have already seen the fourth Thor movie.

While we have already had the initial reviews on social media, the full Thor: Love And Thunder reviews are here and, on the whole, it's a hit with the critics.

Here we have rounded up what the critics have been saying about Thor: Love And Thunder, which is directed by Taika Waititi and stars Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Christian Bale.

Below is as spoiler-free as possible...

Thor: Love And Thunder review round - this is what the critics are saying

Thor: Love And Thunder reviews

GamesRadar gives the movie 4 stars and calls Thor: Love And Thunder "Unashamedly absurd, wildly entertaining and face-achingly funny".

The Guardian gives it 3 stars, noting: "Thor still delivers a mighty hammer-blow, or rather axe-blow, of fun."

The Telegraph (paywalled) gives it 4 stars, saying: "The odd mix of mock-heroic and maudlin receives a huge energy boost from the film’s delectable 1980s retro design. Flash Gordon, Masters of the Universe, Krull are all in the mix, with any tonal wobbles largely drowned out by the usual computer-graphic barrage."

Empire also gives it 4 stars, writing: "Weirder than Ragnarok, but incredibly sincere in its outlook, Taika’s Thor-quel is a big, beautiful blast."

Digital Spy is a fan of its comedy in its 4-star review, noting: "If you're after a good time, Thor: Love and Thunder is right there with you and its gag rate means that if one doesn't land, there will soon be one that will. We knew from Ragnarok that Hemsworth and Thompson could deliver, and Portman proves just as game to play up Jane's nerdy side for laughs."

Looper's 8 out of 10 review goes big on Waititi's direction, with it explaining: "when you leave the theater, what you'll likely remember (and want to watch again when "Love and Thunder" hits home viewing someday) are the sorts of flourishes you could only see in a Waititi film."

The Hollywood Reporter isn't a fan, calling the movie "tiresome", though remarking: "The Marvel faithful will likely groove to the mischievous spirit that is Waititi’s trademark, and they might even get a kick out of the often ugly Frank Frazetta-inspired fantasy visuals."

Polygon isn't a fan, either, explaining: "Thor: Love and Thunder is glib in ways that suffocate all of its strengths, as well as the audience watching it. It is, surprisingly, a cynical film."

Thankfully, the BBC is with its review stating: "This big-hearted Thor, thundering and sensitive, may be just the diverting hero we need right now."

The Thor: Love and Thunder release date is 6 July. Watch the trailer below.