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There's now a flat-pack wine bottle can squeeze through your letterbox

Oh, and it's eco-friends too

There's now a flat-pack wine bottle can squeeze through your letterbox
Danielle de Wolfe
07 December 2019

You can pretty much get anything delivered through your letterbox these days. From flowers to cheese toasties - you name it, they’ve all been designed to squeeze through that rectangular porthole.

And now, in line with the rise in alcohol subscription services, one company has decided to redesign the wheel - I mean, the wine bottle. Yes, you can now fit a bottle of plonk through the gap in your front door.

Developed by eco-friendly wine company, Garçon Wines, the quirky yet useful shape alteration has launched as part of their new subscription wine service.

The London-based company creates the bottles using recycled, pre-existing plastic - meaning you can drink away, safe in the knowledge you’re not harming the environment as well as your liver.

This Attenborough approved wine bottle can squeeze through your letterbox

Saving an impressive 500g of C02 over the course of production compared to a standard glass bottle (and weighing 87% less), the new “flat” design doesn’t scrimp on volume either, with each containing a standardised 75cl of wine at a cost of £13.99.

And given it costs retailers nearly the same amount (£13.14) on average per failed delivery, the creation of bottle that seamlessly slips through your front door is a blessing for many.

That’s not to say it isn’t worth putting a door mat down to welcome your visitor, mind. After all, you can’t risk the bottle getting all that way only to falter at the last hurdle by colliding with your hallway floor (we’re being dramatic, it should be fine).

If you’re thinking of signing up to the service, you can get them from online services including Moonpig and Bloom&Wild for home delivery.

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