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This US college sorority recruitment video is the most terrifying thing you'll ever see

The gates of hell are about to open

This US college sorority recruitment video is the most terrifying thing you'll ever see

We'll be honest, living in the UK, we only had a fairly limited understanding of the ideas of fraternities and sororities - most of it taken from American high school movies.

But, after a recruitment video for the Alpha Delta Pi sorority at the University of Texas went viral, we are forced to ask the question: just what the hell is going on over there guys?

The video was shared on their Twitter account on Wednesday before being quickly taken down when, instead of a reaction of excitement, it elicited nothing less than total fear from those watching it. Thankfully, this being the internet, someone managed to save the video, reupload it here, serving as a warning to future generations.

Just watch this:

This may well be the most terrifying thing we've ever seen. People on Twitter immediately started comparing the clip to being present as the gates of hell were opened - and naturally, someone has already visualised this for us:

As is often the case with the internet, this horror show clip led us down a rabbit hole of watching other similar recruitment videos - and to be quite honest, they're virtually as scary.

Take this effort, from the University of Alabama:

Why is the chanting SO INTENSE? Why does everyone LOOK THE SAME? Why are they all smiling but all look DEAD INSIDE?

Are they actually trapped there? Do we need to go and rescue them? Actually, we're not sure we're up for it, we're not brave enough.

Here's a previous one from the University of Texas, posted in April:

When the EDM section kicks in at 0:32, it's truly chilling.

And the girl on the right here:

Is she laughing?




As ever, Twitter summed it up best:








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