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This takedown of a plane carrying stolen contraband in Brazil is awesome

This is some serious GTA shit

This takedown of a plane carrying stolen contraband in Brazil is awesome

Criminals? A plane full of stolen contraband? Cops? Guns? A chase down a dirt track? Why are you still reading this and not watching the video below?

Yeah, how awesome was that?

Very, is the answer, and the clip is quickly going viral after being posted on Reddit where, handily, there have been some people able to translate exactly what is going on.

Despite the headline of the post, the plane is not actually carrying drugs, but was rather carrying stolen electronics from Bolivia, Colombia, or Paraguay. The police in Sao Paulo had been investigating for thirty days before making their move as the plane attempted to take off, with five people eventually arrested, and £52,000 of smuggled goods seized. It believed that the plane was linked to drug trafficking, though on this occasion it was not being used for this purpose.

The transcription of the audio is as follows:

-I'm going to hit the wing. I'm going to hit the wing. Do not shoot.... Get one down here 'cause I'm going to take the other ones there.


Which is BADASS.

There was, however, debate on the thread about whether this was actually a sensible course of action for the police to take, given the probability that fuel was being stored in the wings of the plane. There was also debate about whether hitting the wing was actually the best way of disabling the plane – but one Redditor made a salient point about that:

CommentBrazil drug plane takedown

And let that be the principle that guides all our police actions from this day forward.