This student came up with the best 'first date note' ever


The world of dating is a strange, fickle place. 

A land of swipes, of unspoken games and requests for heavy petting to a Netflix soundtrack.

But one bold student has restored our faith in courtship, creating an "interactive" note for the object of his affections - fellow University of Southampton student, Naomi Lucking.

Lucking tweeted that the student approached her in the library to hand her the above note (we've blurred the lad's number).

Upon opening the note, she was presented with the following "Whatsapp" note, complete with appropriate responses.

Countless retweets followed, the internet uniting in praising for the bold effort (and commenting on the toe-curling eagerness of the chap's attempt). 

The outcome? Not the fairytale ending you were hoping for.

At least he's got a strong career ahead in gift card design - no?

[Via: The Independent]


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