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This smart belt wants to track your waistline

The WELT packs a health tracker into your average leather belt

This smart belt wants to track your waistline
06 September 2016

It might sound like a belter of a parody on wearable technology, but we're not making this up.

WELT is a 'wellness' belt - a smart trouser holder that claims to provide key health data on all who strap it round their middle.

Available in a range of colours and styles, the WELT belts track three main general health indicators:

  • Food intake is monitored to give a hint on overeating, telling you if you should consider skipping dessert due to the size of your lunch
  • Activity and inactivity is recorded, tracking steps taken throughout the day and the amount of time you spend sitting down
  • Waist size is tracked, giving you an insight into whether you're making gains or losses without a set of scales

All the tech of the belt is squeezed into its buckle, including a rechargeable battery, pedometer, magnetic sensor (used for sensing fluctuations in your waist line) and Bluetooth transmitter, which shares the data with a companion smartphone app.

The WELT app can be used to set targets, from nudging you to get up off your ass more throughout your day to indicating if you should consider cutting down on your food intake.

Sure, plenty of smartwatches and phone apps already provide all these functions - but at least the WELT sticks to its task of being a belt, rather than vibrating every time you get a call/email/text. Currently amassing funds on Kickstarter, you can put in an order for one for $99 (£75).