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This photo of Donald Trump's desk is going viral for an interesting reason

Busy, Donald?

This photo of Donald Trump's desk is going viral for an interesting reason
25 January 2018

You know this Donald Trump guy, the Donald Trump that’s always on the telly, Donald ‘the Donald’ Trump? Yeah, off the telly. A picture of him sat at his desk in the White House went out the other day, and there’s something just a little bit not right about it.

Here’s Don and his desk:

For a president, doesn’t that seem a bit, uh, bare? Considering it’s a pretty busy job, in theory at least, wouldn’t you expect there to be more, like, shit all over the desk? It’s not just bare, either, it’s really, really clean, like his landlord got in touch yesterday and he’s spent 24 hours frantically cleaning up in an attempt to get his deposit back, and now he’s pretending he always lives like this. 

For reference, here’s a look at the desk when Obama was using it:

It’s got stuff on it - just a few files, but stuff nonetheless. It’s really odd, Trump having nothing. Not even a Post-It, a Double Decker or one of those things with the swinging metal balls that executives have. 

As a bonus, Obama looks like he’s actually having a conversation on the phone, rather than portraying ‘man using phone’ in a film using acting skills garnered exclusively from stock photos.

The hat’s a bit gauche, as well, isn’t it? If you’re on the phone with the President of the United States of America, you’d like to think he might have taken his hat off. You’d take your hat off if you were being interviewed for a bank loan - can’t he take his off to be presidential? He looks like he’s about to go for a bracing walk along the clifftops of Northern Ireland hoping to see a kestrel.

For continued reference, here are a few other presidential desks. They’re generally pretty cluttered, as though the people sitting at them are, like, doing stuff

Of course, to be fair to Trump, we live in 2018, and we have computers. Maybe he keeps the notes, files and family photos that everyone else had on display digitally. Right, so he’s not a do-nothing slack-ass lazybones, he’s a modern computerman. See, there, on the desk is… not a computer. An absence of a computer. Not so much as an iPad 2. And that’s not the kind of desk that has a slidey keyboard shelf on little plastic casters like you get from IKEA, so it’s not like there’s a laptop tucked tidily away. That’s the kind of desk that has big deep document drawers, a cheeky booze compartment and a secret gun hidden there by Grover Cleveland in 1885 and long forgotten about.

Maybe he’s just a really tidy guy, then? Well, based on his desk at his corporate HQ…



(Main image: Rex)