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This Olympic figure skater performed to 'Game of Thrones' music dressed as his favourite character

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This Olympic figure skater performed to 'Game of Thrones' music dressed as his favourite character
19 February 2018

In a graceful and impressive combination of the two snowiest things ever broadcast on television (Game of Thrones and the Winter Olympics), a figure skater has, uh, figure skated a tribute to Jaime Lannister from Game of Thrones

Paul Fentz of Germany skated to music from Season 7 of the show by Ramin Djawadi, dressed as an approximation of the one-handed, sister-banging, king-slaying, push-child-out-a-window-ing Westeros hunk, complete with golden breastplate and subtle blood-red detailing on the wrist.

Thrones composer Ramin Djawadi was chuffed to bits, but also managed to get a plug for his upcoming global concert tour in at the same time…

(The tour has the slogan ‘Music is here’, which is a riff on ‘Winter is here’, but also just sounds like how an idiot would describe a concert, especially as the slogan was ‘Winter is coming’ for so long. It’s coming to London in May.)

Fentz, who has skated routines set to music by Metallica and Pink Floyd in the past, didn’t end up making it through to the finals, coming 22nd overall. Last year he won the German Free Skate Figure Skating Championships, though, doing his Lannister routine:

The thing is, he should have done it dressed as the Night King, really, to go full winter on it. Jaime’s spent most of his time in the leafier, greener parts of Westeros (apart from that one season where he and Bronn went on holiday to Dorne and very little happened). The Night’s King, John Snow, Wun-Wun the giant… loads of characters make more sense to ice-skate dressed as than Jaime Lannister. 

We’re not knocking it - the whole thing is a really impressive combination of incredible skating skills and hardcore nerdiness - but if he was dressed up as Wun-Wun the giant he’d 100% have got gold.