This LEGO first person shooter looks incredible


Until now, we’d considered LEGO video games as family friendly.

Not anymore.

This concept short from the frighteningly talented hands of video editor Andrew M is a much more grown-up take on LEGO’s video game empire. In typical LEGO fashion, it borrows from other franchises, visualising just what the realms of Portal, Skyrim, Counter Strike and Bioshock might look like if they were given the brick treatment. 

Much as we love the brick-laden titles of TT Games, this all-action, adrenaline-sopping showcases also gives us a different take on macho gaming, with a lot less blood. One scene has a henchman stalked with the bluntest knife we've ever seen before plastic body parts go flying. It's the best game we’ll probably never play.

Sign him up, LEGO.

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