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This is what the ‘i’ in iPhone stands for

With the brand going away from the 'i', ever wondered what it means?

This is what the ‘i’ in iPhone stands for

Once upon a time it was all iPods, iPhones and iMacs. Whereas nowadays it's all Apple TV, Apple Pay and Apple Watch, making us wonder if we’ll ever get an ‘i’ launch again.

With this in mind, and Tim Cook seemingly intent on putting his own stamp on the brand, it's more important to remember the meaning of this humble prefix than ever. Uncapped, techy, catchy, it remains one of the most successful marketing straplines of modern memory, helping turn Apple into the force it is today.

But do you know what the 'i' stands for?

Believe it or not, it actually stands for not one but four words: individual, instruct, inform, and inspire – all simultaneously displayed on stage back at Steve Jobs’ 1998’s launch of the iMac.

"The ‘i’ also means some other things to us - we are a personal computer company, and although this product is born to network, it also is a beautiful stand-alone product,” said Jobs of his moniker.

Through great attention to detail, including the fact something as trivial as an unassuming ‘i’ stands for far more than meets the eye - the Jobs legacy lives on. Not that the company will be too bothered with meetings about branding right now. Cook and his cohorts have much bigger things on their plate.

Like the FBi.

[Via: The Independent]