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This is the ‘World’s Most Admired Whiskey’ – according to the experts

From America to Japan, It's time to crown the ultimate dram

This is the ‘World’s Most Admired Whiskey’ – according to the experts
Danielle de Wolfe
07 November 2023

While we don’t think there’s such a thing as a bad whiskey, we’re all ears when the experts crown the best whiskey in the world.

While Michter’s has long been known for its whiskey prowess across the US, the brand has now officially been named the “World’s Most Admired Whiskey”.

Not a bad title, eh?

Renowned for its rich, spicy notes – think bold hints of fruit, cinnamon and raisin – Michter’s has become an affordable favourite among small-batch American whiskey enthusiasts.

The panel of adjudicators, made up of independent whiskey experts from around the globe, presided over the third annual Drinks International Top 50 list.

The result saw the Kentucky-based brand crowned champion of whiskey - well, there or there abouts.

This is the ‘World’s Most Admired Whiskey’ – according to the experts

Japanese whiskey brand and 2021 champion Yamazaki came in second place this time around, with Islay-based single malt Ardbeg rounding off the top three.

Scoring was based on a number of factors, including quality and consistency, price-to-quality ratio and marketing prowess, the award is something of a milestone for the whiskey brand.

"For decades, American distillers have been working hard to produce outstanding whiskeys,” said Michter’s president, Joe Magliocco.

“To finally see this international recognition for a whiskey made in the U.S. is absolutely wonderful."

This is the ‘World’s Most Admired Whiskey’ – according to the experts

Acquiring the Michter’s trademark for a mere $245 back in the 1990s, Magliocco’s brand has come an awful long way.

Renowned across the world for its small-batch bourbon releases, the brand was named after a former 'oldest distillery in the USA'.

A dram that's currently impressing the UK bar scene - and is it really any surprise given its latest accolate?

Michter’s is aged for upwards of 8 years to create its distinctive flavour, paired with an affordable price tag of between £50 - £60.

Be sure to pick yourself up a bottle now over at the whiskey exchange – there’s currently a great deal on, with nearly £6 off per bottle.