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This is the present that every kid (and a lot of adults) will want this Christmas

You know you're going to buy one

This is the present that every kid (and a lot of adults) will want this Christmas

Everyone loved Play-Doh as a kid. And no one will ever forget that distinctive smell. The smell of imagination, as you worked your 'doh' into whatever crazy shapes you wanted. Of creation. Of invention.  And almost certainly of the clammy, sweaty palms of whoever had used it before you.

And for those of you who haven't got their hands on the good stuff since they were a youth we have some good news: you have an excuse to get down and dirty once again.

Almost certainly taking some inspiration from those named coke bottles that did the rounds in the last couple of years, Play-Doh is now offering UK fans the opportunity to buy personalised tubs of the modelling compound for the first time ever.

That means I can buy a tub with 'Dave' written on it, and none of you suckers are going to be allowed to play with it as it's mine, because it has my name on it.

They'll be available for eight weeks from 29 October at a pop-up Play-Doh counter at John Lewis in London's Oxford Street, with each tub costing £1.99. You can have whatever you fancy (within reason, we assume) printed on to the personalised item.

Craig Wilkins, Marketing Director Hasbro UK & Ireland, commented: “The Play-Doh brand has been a part of children’s lives for the past 60 years, and we’re constantly looking to create memorable moments for fans, both new and old. Personalised tubs have been a request from our customers for many years, so we’re delighted to be able to offer this service for the first time – and what better timing than the Play-Doh brand’s 60th birthday.”

Doh-dally amazing.

Below is the highest-viewed video on YouTube with 'Play-Doh' in the title. Enjoy.