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This is the most important minute of the day

Heading for a good or bad 24 hours? You'll know at this time

This is the most important minute of the day
08 September 2016

You'd think that you'd only really know how your day was going once you'd, y'know, actually lived a good portion of it, but according to a new survey, we know how things are going to pan out pretty early on in proceedings.

Apparently 8:12am is the crucial minute of the day at which you know whether this is going to be a day to remember, or one to forget.

A study of 2,000 people, conducted for drinks firm The Berry Company, found that, by that point of the day, people knew whether: a) they'd had a poor night's sleep - meaning a tough day ahead, b) experienced early-morning mood swings or otherwise, or c) slept through their alarm. Although, surely, if you'd slept through your alarm a bit more, you wouldn't actually be awake to know it was a bad day would you?

In addition, by this magical minute, you also know whether the weather is looking good or bad (it's the UK, probably bad) and whether it's going to be a bad hair day or not. And if you've already lost your keys by that point, the signs are not good either.

However, it's not all bad if all of these bad things happen before 8:12am - those surveyed suggested that the best ways to perk yourself up were by listening to music (probably not Radiohead), eating a healthy meal, or, well, relaxing. Which is all well and good unless you have to stand on the Central line for an hour, thus denying the option for relaxation somewhat.

Of course, just because you think you're going to have a bad day, you may actually end up having a good one - and vice-versa, although if you've managed to smash a mirror and run over a black cat by 8:12am, we'd suggest you just stay in bed and write the whole thing off.

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