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This is the best redesigned London Tube Map yet

Simple, but effective

This is the best redesigned London Tube Map yet

Transport for London has a big problem on its hands.

No, not the Night Tube. It's running out of room on the London Underground Diagram - the Tube Map.

Having recently incorporated more overground lines into its tangled embrace, TfL's crowded piece of cartography also needs to make way for the arrival of Crossrail, a vast line arrowing through the crowded heart of the capital.

So how to fit all these new additions onto the existing design without rendering it totally illegible? Keep it simple.

At least, that's the answer of graphic designer Cameron Booth. His redrawn map that looks to slim down existing design by ditching zones (Oyster cards make them pretty much redundant), keeping circular markers for interchanges only and aligning all the elements to ensure things don't look... well, cluttered.

Pac-Man Danger Map

You can stop looking for bold changes and dynamic new angles on traditional routes - Booth's design is best summarised as a host of small changes that amass to one overall improvement.

Booth is at pains to stress that his design hasn't been commissioned by TfL - but surely it's only a matter of time before they sign him up? 

Check out the contrasting designs below. You can see more of Booth's excellent map work on his site.

(Images: TfL/Cameron Booth)