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This is officially the world's unluckiest football fan

The saddest thing you'll read all week

This is officially the world's unluckiest football fan

What a time it must be to be a Leicester City fan right now.

The phrase 'beyond your wildest dreams' is overused, but for once, it's entirely justified, as evidenced by this Gary Lineker article, and by the quite-simply-incredible sequence of events that has seen them avoid almost certain relegation last season, change their manager after a close season scandal, and then somehow blast their way through the following campaign to sit comfortably, and deservedly atop the Premier League table with just eight games to go.

Mindblowing stuff - and every Leicester fan must be feeling like all their Christmasses have come at once.

Apart from one.

Just one.

Behold, this tweet:

Just picture the scene in June last year:

"I've been thinking, love. Perhaps you shouldn't bother with your season ticket this year."

"Why ever not?"

"Well, they always let you down don't they? They only just survived this season, and that Claudio Ranieri's not up to much. I mean, in his last job he managed to lead Greece to a defeat against the Faroe Islands didn't he? It'll just be another season of bitter disappointment. Why put yourself through it?"

"Yeah, you're probably right. And we do need a new washing machine. Perhaps I'll just spend the money on that instead. I'll probably get more enjoyment out of it! Haha!"

"Haha! Yes, definitely."

Poor Kate. Since tweeting her admirably honest confession, it's gone viral, with lots of football fans weighing in to have a go at her.

We don't understand the anger. Pity and sorrow is all we can feel right now. We can't even laugh at it, it's too tragic.

Still, at least he doesn't support Arsenal eh?

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