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This BTTF hoverboard factory animation is amazing

This is what it would look like on Mattel's production line

This BTTF hoverboard factory animation is amazing

We're still trying to get our head round how incredible this actual real-life hoverboard that Franky Zapata unveiled earlier this month is.

While we struggle with the above, we're absolutely certain that it heralds the beginning of the mass-produced hoverboards-for-all era that we were promised all that time ago by Back to the Future Part II.

And this fantastic animation by Garth Lee imagines just what that will look like, as the Mattel factory production line churns out a whole host of boards for the eager public to enjoy. He's gone for an eighties feeling with a 'dusty VHS' look, but, seriously, this is like real life now.

We just hope they make them with better components than the pretend 'hoverboards' that caused so much trouble last Christmas...