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This £8,500 watch doesn't even tell the time

Not exactly a smartwatch

This £8,500 watch doesn't even tell the time

We don't know about you, but one of the first things we look for in a watch is the ability to tell what time it is.

Actually - tell a lie - we rarely look for this in a watch as it's kind of a given that that is what it will be able to do. It being a watch and all.

But Swiss watchmaker Hautlence thinks differently.

They have revealed a new 'time'-piece called the Playground Labyrinth, which is essentially an extremely expensive mini maze, made of either 18k rose gold, or white gold, featuring an 18k rose gold, or solid platinum ball which can be navigated by moving your wrist. When the ball reaches the hole, it falls through and you can play again by turning the crown dial on the side.

Oh, and it costs £8,500.

Naturally, they've roped in Eric Cantona to front a 45 second advert for what they themselves describe as "an entirely essential yet fundamentally useless object".

Take out the essential bit and we're with you guys.

Should you wish to buy one (and if you do, we've heard there's a prince in Nigeria that desperately needs your help with some bank transfer issues he's been having), head to the Hautlence website.