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These are the best areas in London to use a dating app

Romance your way around the capital

These are the best areas in London to use a dating app
14 April 2016

You've swiped yourself a blister on Tinder. Bumble just isn't buzzing. Your dating apps just aren't 'appening.

But perhaps these consistent failures aren't down to your profile or that opening line (important though they are). Maybe you need a change of location.

Dating salvation is on hand for those in the UK's capital thanks to these insights from Movebubble - a renter-dedicated property service based in London. Having drawn on the info of over 10,000 users from 90 per cent of the capital's estate agents, they've been able to gain insight into the boroughs of London that have the most singletons living there.

So, set your app's dating search to a small radius, and head to a coffee shop in one of these areas for a swiping session. 

Or - you know - go to a bar and buy someone a drink? 


Currently in that awkward transitional phase between up-and-coming and established, you'll stand a good chance of finding some fellow singletons here.


Just set yourself up in the Village and get swiping. If you don't get any matches, at least you'll be able to drown your woes with a vast burger and tin from the offie combination.


Razorlight might have warned us not to go back there, but there are plenty of single people who ignored their advice. 

Be sure not to Stumble and Fall when you're trying to impress someone though.


Whatever you do, don't suggest meeting on the Wick Woodland - you'll spend most of your day wandering around creeping out lone walkers with your earnest smile and questioning eyebrows, unaware your date got bored and left 20 minutes ago.


Walks along the Thames, strolls along Putney bridge, fighting through the hordes of mums with pushchairs cramming the coffee shops... perhaps skip this one.


Good luck affording a "quiet drink" around here...

Notting Hill

For best results, try wandering about with a glass of orange juice and a white t-shirt.

Because of the film? No? It's a classic. 

Just us...


"Fancy a cheeky slow jam in Infernos? *Winky emoji*"

Works every time. Really.


In at two, the trendy high streets of Islington. If you're stuck for conversation starters, just go for "So what do you think about Wenger? Should he stay?" Trust us, works every time.


Yep - according to the stats, you'll find more single types living amidst the graffiti of Shoreditch than anywhere else in the capital.

Great news if you like your Chai Latte with an extra shot of spiced coconut milk - but terrible if that sentence caused you to vomit in anti-hipster rage.