There's something strange in this Ghostbusters burger


♫ If there's something strange in your limited-edition burger, who you gonna call? THE FOOD STANDARDS AGENCY. ♫

This is the handy little chant we've come up with to alleviate the pain and distress of two shocking bits of Ghostbusters' news.

Firstly that Missy Elliot and Fall Out Boy collaborated on the new theme tune (and that makes it as interesting as it sounds) and secondly that Japan has released a Ghostbusters burger smeared with black olive and anchovy paste. 

Unfortunately it's not available in any British chain (because despite what we just said, we are obliged to try this, for science) but can only be found at J.S Burgers Cafe in Japan. 

The (obviously) black bun comes filled with a burger topped with purple cabbage and the aforementioned black olive and anchovy paste (not a thing. Should not be a thing). 

If that wasn't enough, it also comes with  these "Black Chili Chips": 

And for afters, you can have a "Marshmallow Mad Burger" complete with Oreos and unidentifiable red goo. 

After us, everyone: I ain't afraid of no burger... I ain't afraid of no burger... I ain't afr...