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There's a new number one Netflix TV show - and it's a chilling watch

Fool Me Once has finally been toppled...

There's a new number one Netflix TV show - and it's a chilling watch
Marc Chacksfield
20 January 2024

Netflix has a new number-one show, which is one of the most gripping and chilling things the streamer has released.

The idea of the truth being stranger than fiction having real-world consequences gets explored in Netflix’s new crime documentary series American Nightmare.

It’s a look into a real-world 2015 case where a woman was kidnapped, only to resurface after two days, without any ransom paid.

The police didn’t believe her story and accuse her and her boyfriend of concocting the entire thing. But what really happened? It is dissected in Netflix’s 3-part series American Nightmare.

It’s a must-watch for fans of true crime documentaries, and a particularly hard-hitting example for many given it may be easy to relate to a Denise Huskins — who at turns is cast as both the victim and the accused.

This case has been called the “real life Gone Girl,” citing the 2014 movie and hit 2012 book. Watch the trailer and you will se what we mean.

The documentary has been hugely popular. According to FlixPatrol, the show has headed straight to the top spot, knocking Fool Me Once into second place.

This is no meant feat - Fool Me Once is now one of the most popular Netflix shows of all time, overtaking The Night Agent in popularity.

American Nightmare TV reviews

The show is picking up largely excellent reviews so far, but be careful if you don’t want the whole case blown open before you hit the play button on episode one.

Your next big true crime obsession is streaming now on Netflix
Image Credit: Netflix

The Guardian gave American Nightmare a 4-star review, calling it an “elevated example of the normally schlocky genre.” But, yeah, it has more spoilers than the worst of movie trailers, so save that one for a read after you’ve watched the show.

FandomWire calls the show a “jaw-dropping streaming television docuseries,” and “suspenseful and riveting.” But, again, if you plan on watching it, we recommend starting the watch before doing so as that review also (as flagged on the site) contains major narrative spoilers.

Chicago Sun-Times’s Richard Roeper also gave American Nightmare a glowing 3.5/4 review score, saying it “still packs a sharp punch and feels like a fresh and comprehensive retelling of the story,” even if you are familiar with the real-life case already.

American Nightmare is split into three episode-size chapters: The Boyfriend, Gone Girl and The Others. Each is around the 45 minute mark. It may not be the breeziest of watches, but should make for compelling viewing if you are remotely interested in the genre.