There's going to be a Jeremy Corbyn musical and it looks AWESOME

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Nick Pope

For many left-wingers watching the Labour leadership race last summer, Jeremy Corbyn’s policies proved music to their ears – but even they couldn’t have expected this.

‘Corbyn The Musical: The Motorcycle Diaries’, created by writer Bobby Friedman and GQ political correspondent Rubert Myers, will run from April 12th – 24th at the Waterloo East Theatre in London.



The production will lend lilt to Corbyn’s life and rise to power, as well as cover the controversies that have surrounded his Labour leadership so far (including his rumoured relationship with MP and Shadow Secretary of State for International Development Diane Abbot.)

It’ll feature heaps of familiar faces from the world of politics, including Tony Blair, Ed Miliband and Boris Johnson (portrayed by actors, disappointingly).

Former BBC presenter Bobby said: "This is a comedy with more twists and turns than a Jeremy Corbyn reshuffle, albeit much shorter."

If it's anything like his speeches and TV appearances, there's sure to be a lot of reaction - so make sure you're there for when it all kicks off by buying tickets from the show's website. 


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