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There's been another iPhone 7 leak

It's all coming together

There's been another iPhone 7 leak
10 June 2016

In a piece of news that will surprise absolutely no one with an internet connection, Apple appears to be in the final stages of polishing its latest flagship smartphone, the iPhone 7. 

We've heard a lot about it - from its lack of headphone socket to its mildly disappointing battery - and yet another piece of the Apple-flavoured jigsaw looks to have fallen into place: the larger iPhone 7 Plus model will be Apple's first handset to use a dual-lens camera. 

Which will look something like this artistic impression...

Image by 9to5mac

Word comes via Business Korea that LG has won the contract to construct Apple's dual-lens camera, with an industry source confirming that the South Korean tech group beat off competition from Sony to supply the component.

Previous rumours have suggested that the dual-lens camera will only be available for the larger iPhone 7 Plus model, allowing the handset to take photos that contain a greater field of depth and will blow the minds of Instagramers the world over. 

LG already makes dual-lens handsets, as does Huawei, and yet more whispers from the smartphone component supply chain suggests that Samsung's next Galaxy Note 6 will also arrive with a dual-lens camera. Still, when the iPhone 7 Plus does arrive this September, expect Apple to put a spin on the tech that would suggest they're the first to do it. Again. 

Our advice? Wait a year and get the 2017 model. It sounds much more promising.