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There's a secret version of Tinder just for sexy people

That's not you, sorry

There's a secret version of Tinder just for sexy people

You think you’re too good for Tinder. “I’m out of everyone’s league”, you cry, “My jawline crushes all opposition”, you screech.

Well, you’re wrong actually, otherwise you’d have been invited to join Tinder Select. You haven’t though, have you? You’re still stuck swiping through the masses on the regular, boring, normal one that doesn’t have any famous people on it.

Essentially, Tinder Select is populated entirely by high-profile users; so that’s supermodels, celebrities, CEOs, but also standard “people” who just happen to do really well on Tinder. You can only dip your toe into this incredibly sexy pond if you get an exclusive invite, though (or maybe are a computer hacker/expert catfish). Once you have the invite, you can switch between the two modes, just in case you fancy a bit of rough for the weekend, and you can also nominate one other person to join the service, too. 

Tinder introduced this fancy tier about six months ago, and haven’t officially announced it, or replied to anyone’s queries about it, which is fun isn’t it? It’s all secret and culty – and everybody knows that all the best romances are started in cults.

A screenshot of a Tinder Select invite, obtained by TechCrunch

TechCrunch report that one factor for people being invited to ‘sexy Tinder’ could be their Tinder ELO score, which they say is “an algorithmic rating system across all Tinder users based on ‘thousands and thousands’ of signals.”

So next time a mate’s had a few pints and starts going on about how “fucking sick at Tinder” they are, just ask them if they’re on Tinder Select. That’ll soon shut them up.