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The Xbox Onesie is the ultimate gaming lounge wear

They saw a pun opportunity and they took it

The Xbox Onesie is the ultimate gaming lounge wear

Somewhere in Microsoft's Xbox Australia team, something along the lines of the following will have actually taken place in a merchandising meeting:

"Hey guys... how about an Xbox Onesie?"


"Well, like, a Onesie - but with Xbox branding? Big pockets for controllers? White with black trim?"

"You had me at Xbox Onesie."

And thus, Xbox Australia created this...

He bloody loves it

Look at his little face. Bless him. 

Phone pockets!

We don't know why it's on his arm either. 

Controller pockets!

In case you need to nip off to the loo or grab more snacks and want to take your controller with you?

Looks snug

Unfortunately, there isn't a pocket big enough for the Xbox One S.

We don't know what's going on here...

...why is she standing on the sofa? And what's with the spilt popcorn? We guess she must just be so excited about the Onesie that she's acting like a big kid. That must be it.


There are Xbox One socks as well?! 

There's no word on whether the Xbox Onesie will be released beyond Australia - nor when it will roll out in the land down under. Here's hoping Xbox UK release an extra-thick one just in time for winter. 

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