The worst pictures of the supermoon to make you feel better about missing it

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Tom Fordy

Did everyone see the supermoon? Awesome stuff. Glad you enjoyed it.

And did everyone get one of those breathtaking, awe-inspiring photographs of it? Well no, actually, they didn’t.

For all the hoo-ha and hype, not everyone got a clear shot of it – in fact, from the look of some of the photos out there of social, it seems like the supermoon spent more time hiding away than posing for photographs.

Either that, or there some absolutely dreadful photographers out there.

Here’s a selection of the best. Alright, worst

Nice bit of cloud and some telegraph wires there

If you have to draw a circle around it, you’ve failed 

Everyone stop taking pictures of the supermoon – that’s a wrap

The old ‘squeezing something giant from a distance’ gag goes spectacularly wrong


At least wait until it’s dark, mate 

Pretty sure that’s a speck of dandruff on the camera lens 

And again – better luck when the next supermoon comes round in 2034

A warning to anyone who considered cheating by taking a picture of the light bulb instead

Well, the picture’s rubbish but at least you had three beers

The Aussies missed out – fair play for bringing the tape measure though

Not bad, but there’s an aeroplane in the way


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