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The World's Best Toolbox

The World's Best Toolbox

The World's Best Toolbox

Toolboxes are the unsung, unloved ugly ducklings of DIY.

You chuck everything in haphazardly, it gets bumped and smashed around; it's a necessary evil. But the Coolbox is here to become the beautiful swan of your building endeavours.

It takes a classic toolbox skeleton and rigs it up to the max, with a rugged design and every single possible feature you could ever need or want.

Naturally, it comes with the classic storage compartments that you'd expect, but adds in bluetooth speakers, LED lights, a whiteboard, wheels, a retractable power cord, a 3 way power splitter, a USB charger, a stand for your tablet, a rechargeable battery, a clock, a bottle opener and much more. Essentially this is an entire mobile workshop complete with a radio. Basically, it's incredible.

It's already smashed its crowdsourcing target of $50,000 (£33,200); you can get yours - in either red and black, or green and yellow, for the rather reasonable sum of $169 (£112) by heading here.

It's the coolest toolest box around.


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