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The world isn't ending this year

John Cusack lied to us

The world isn't ending this year

2012 was going to be a big year for many reasons: London hosting the Olympics, the much-anticipated release of The Dark Knight Rises and, depressingly, the end of the world.

Those party-pooping Mayans predicted that the apocalypse would arrive on December 21st, 2012 and we all believed them so much that a movie was made about it and everything.

But a German expert called Sven Gronemeyer claims that a 1,300 year old Mayan tablet claims something rather different. He's still stating that the date is going to be important but it won't see the world ending. Instead, the hieroglyphs describe the return of the Mayan god of creation and war.

He will bring in a different era, rather than the end. But, we're not so sure that being the underlings of a Mayan war god will necessarily be a good thing. Either Christmas we're not buying any presents. Just in case.

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