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The wooden wallets

The wooden wallets

The wooden wallets

Even though it's carried around with you 24/7 and houses your all-important funds, it's surprising how little effort many of us put into our wallets.

Whether you're still using the same Velcro piece that housed your limited 12-year-old finances or you're clinging onto that leatherette wallet which smells like all of the beers you've spilt on it, you're probably not respecting your debit card as much as you should.

Which brings us to the wooden wallet. Yes, it's a wallet made of wood.

The handcrafted Slim Timber wallets are made from either maple or walnut wood and can fit up to eight credit cards in each one.

It might look bulky (you know, because it's made of actual wood) but it's actually only 4" wide which makes it smaller than most wallets. Plus if you're superstitious, it's useful to have touch-ready wood in your pocket.

You can buy your own here.