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The Ultimate Key Organiser

The Ultimate Key Organiser

The Ultimate Key Organiser

Sometimes great ideas come in small packages.

The Zen Advanced is a cool, minimal key organisation device. Forget the keyring - that's had its day - this is lightweight and tidy.

It's formed of a tough lightweight aluminium frame, together with interchangeable screws, and can hold anywhere from 2 to 22 keys, plus USB drives, barcode cards or, indeed, anything with the correct size hole. It enables simple one-handed operation and means that nothing jangles around (or digs into your legs, if you keep your keys in your trouser pocket).

As if that wasn't enough, it can be easily tied into your shoelaces, if you want to go for a run without your keys clanging and jumping, and the frame can be used as a bottle opener (presumably to crack open a beer after going on the aforementioned run).

It's already reached its Kickstarter target of $200 AUD - you can secure yours for $22 AUD (£12), with shipping due to begin in April.

Watch the video below for a full demonstration of its key features (literally).

(Images: Inventek)