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The Twitter Nugget Man has finally got his nuggs

And also the most retweeted tweet of all time

The Twitter Nugget Man has finally got his nuggs
09 May 2017

Do you remember a time when the name Carter Wilkerson meant nothing? Remember when you didn’t know who he was?

Well, if we’re honest here – it’s quite possible that you still don’t recognise the name. He’s the Twitter Nugget Man, the Retweet Master, and now the Guinness World Record Holder, aka, the Wendy’s Freebie Getter. That Carter Wilkerson.

Back at the beginning of April, he tweeted American fast-food chain Wendy’s, asking them how many retweets he’d need to get for a year’s supply of chicken nuggets. Here’s what they said:

And so the campaign began. But let's cut a large and potentially boring story short, by letting you know that Carter now has the most retweeted tweet of all time. He’s a donkey’s length off his 18 million target, but with (at the time of writing) 3,441,696 retweets, he’s bested the previous record of 3,430,764, set by Ellen DeGeneres and all her celeb mates.

So, seeing as he’s done something pretty amazing there, Wendy’s has done the right thing by granting him his year’s supply of nuggets. Look:

But that’s not it, the good guy food chain also coughed up a cool $100k for the Dave Thomas Foundation, a charity that helps to find homes for kids in foster care. So not only has he got his blended chicken pieces, he’s also helped a charity out, all because he wanted something for free.

It’s a lesson – if you don’t ask, you don’t get. Next time I go into Burger King, I’m going to ask how many times I have to headbutt the counter before they’ll give me a free pot of tomato sauce.

Guinness Book Of Records here I come!